The benefit of leasing

Why should I lease a domain from you?
We offer to lease only attractive and quality domains, which will bring you new customers. Domains lease price is significantly lower than its sale price.

Is it possible to fully use the domain?
Yes. The domain can be used as a full Internet presentation, including webhosting and e-mail. We can also redirect it for you to a different domain, for example to your existing Internet presentation.

How to use a leased domain in the best possible way?
Most often the customer wished to redirect a domain to an existing webpage. The visitor of the webpage won't register the redirection at all. You don't need to change anything on existing webpages. We will arrange everything for you.

Can you prematurely terminate the contract?
Yes, we can. Of course, just for a reason of non-payments. Otherwise, the contract is for an indefinite period with a notice period of 30 days and can be terminated only by the lessee.

Do you give any guarantee?
We guarantee the money to be returned within 14 days since signing the contract. We have to provide you with a seamless and full use of the domain. We can't terminated the contract for any reason other than non-paying of the invoices by the customer. All the details are directly specified in the contract.

Where can I view the contract of lease of the domain?
Contact us and we will enable you to review the contract. Thank you in advance for your interest.

How will I pay for the invoices?
Payment by bank transfer. We will send you the invoices every three months, six months or once a year, depending on how we will decide.

Will the tax be added to the price?
No, it will not be added. The agreed price already includes the tax.

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